Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy (but aren't we all?)

I have really been a blog slacker lately. I finally have caught up on reading everyone's blogs and am finally updating my own. I just haven't seemed to have the time lately. Nap time is the only time I seem to get anything done. So lately I've been spending that time cleaning (we seem to be entertaining people a lot lately), sewing (I want to open an Etsy shop and make quilts for my friends that are getting married), or learning Spanish (I leave for Argentina in 3 1/2 weeks. Yay!). However, tonight I vowed to stop neglecting my blog, and I also wanted to know how all of you were doing. In all this catching up, I found that my friend Laura had tagged me, so ....

Here are the 8's
1.) Post rules on your blog
2.)Answer the 6 "8" items
3.)Tag 8 of your friends

8 favorite shows: (Hopefully canceled shows count)
The Office (of course)
Lost (Sayid killed Ben! My head is spinning at the paradox that has just been created. )
Ugly Betty
My So-Called Life
Pushing Daisies (So sad it got canceled)
The Facts of Life
Fraggle Rock

8 things I did yesterday:
Went to church
Made a key lime pie
Cleaned the kitchen
Gave someone a ride to church
Had dinner with my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and of course, Finn and Daniel
Ate yummy zucchini bread my visiting teacher gave me (thanks Kristie!)
Ate yummy Challah bread that Kelly brought me (I was a very lucky girl yesterday)
Conducted Primary

8 things that I look forward to:
Hiking 40 miles of the Appalachain Trail with Daniel in May
Finn walking
Grad School...not any time soon
Having another baby someday
Opening my Etsy shop
Going to 3 of my friends weddings in the next few months
Going to the temple

8 favorite resturants:
Tomato Head
Chez Guevara
Stir Fry Cafe
Pizza Kitchen
Mellow Mushroom
Rosepepper's in Nashville
The mediterranean restaurant in Oak Ridge (can't remember it's name, but so delish!)
The French Market

8 things on my wishlist:
An iphone or blackberry
To learn to rock climb
To have time to do all the sewing I want to do
Unlimited texting
To learn as many languages as possible
To travel to every country or at least as many as possible
To have all my kids embrace the gospel, get married in the temple, and endure to the end.
To serve a mission

8 people to tag:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Since my birthday...

... Daniel built my shelves and put them on the wall in my sewing room. I also got my rotary cutter, mat, and rulers, but more on that later.

I've been working on a few projects. This table runner is one of them. A very simple project using a fabric remnant I got when I visited Lotta Jansdotter's studio last summer.

Finn and I have been going to the zoo on the days it has been warm here. He loves the animals, especially the red panda (it's also my favorite). I assume he likes the red panda best because it looks a lot like a cat, and cats are Finn's favorite things.

WARNING! Do not scroll down any further if you have a weak stomach. The next picture shows what happens when you are not very careful while using a rotary cutter.

Yea, so within 2 weeks of getting my wonderful rotary cutter, I slice a part of my finger off. They couldn't stitch it up because there was no skin to cover it with. No, that piece of skin wound up on my cutting table. So, the doctor cauterized it with silver nitrate to stop the bleeding (I had been applying pressure to my finger for 5 hours by the time this was done and the bleeding had not slowed one bit) and then covered it with Dermabond. It was really great to hear my doctor ask another of the ER doctors if he had ever tried that method before. He hadn't. My doctor informed him that he had read about it in a journal and that it is supposed to work really well. Let's hope so! The doctor also reassured me that he didn't believe he had used too much silver nitrate on my finger. Why does that matter? Because if he used too much, my finger will be black for the rest of my mortal life. That's not too bad. I'm sure Finn will think that is super cool in a few years. How many other moms have a black finger? And if this happens to you, don't believe the doctor when he tells you that it won't hurt at all tomorrow because he has covered up all the exposed nerves with Dermabond. He's lying to you. It not only hurts the next day, but the next 8 days (yea, I kept count). Also, you cannot speed on your way to the ER unless the person in the car with you is on death's door. Fortunately, the cop who pulled us over only lectured us instead of giving us a ticket. My favorite part was when the cop asked me, after Daniel told him why he was speeding, if I needed an ambulance. It was funny because I could see the hospital from where he pulled us over. I didn't need an ambulance. I just needed him to let us drive a few feet further to the hospital. The cop was really nice though. Everything is well now. Besides looking really gross, my finger doesn't hurt. I'm just glad I only cut off a little piece. I feel awful for people who lose whole fingers, hands, or limbs. I cannot imagine what that pain must be like, and hopefully I'll never know. I still love my rotary cutter though. I finished cutting my fabric that evening when I got home from the ER.