Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer reading and free floats

Last year a few friends and I tried to get a book club going. We met once and had a wonderful time, but soon after the holidays came and well we haven't gotten together since. I'd like to pick a book to read that others would also like to read this summer so we can all meet for refreshments and discuss the book. I'm not sure what to read. There are lots of books I want to read that I haven't gotten around to yet. Some I'm considering are Grapes of Wrath, Moby Dick, Anna Karenina and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but I'm open to anything. Is there anyone else interested in doing this? If so, let me know and give me your book suggestions. Maybe there is one we can all agree on. I'd like us to meet sometime near the end of July.

Also, Sonic is giving away FREE rootbeer floats from 8pm to midnight tomorrow, June 3, or at least they are in Fountain City.