Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Summer Fun

Since the days of summer are fast coming to an end, I've been reminiscing about the fun we've had this summer...

attending the weddings of three of my dear friends

finding our inner artist

making some noise

making even more noise

picking blackberries

and more importantly eating blackberries

learning to drive at the lake

communing with nature

whipping up dinner for our friends and family

and of course sleeping at the end of a long day (or in the middle of it).

Yes, I enjoyed my summer. It was filled with family, friends, and adventure. But I'm not sad to see it go. Autumn is my favorite season, and I look forward to it every year. Bring on the cool weather, corn mazes, colorful leaves, and pumpkin pie - I've had my summer fun and I'm ready for what autumn has in store.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So it's been awhile....

I did not realize that I have not blogged since July! Where does the time go? First, I guess I'll fill you in about what I have decided in regards to my previous post. I decided not to go for the job because I don't think I would have been happy working those hours. Also, we are planning on getting pregnant soon, and I really don't think I could work those kind of hours pregnant. It's probably a good thing I didn't go for the job at Magpies because I would want to eat everything n sight! I also decided against the cross country road trip. I really want to see my friends who are scattered everywhere, but I just don't think Finn would enjoy being on the road and away from his dad for a month or more. I am still going to Dallas to see Laura (yay!), but Finn will only make it to Mississippi where he will stay with Daniel's family. Although I will miss Finn and Daniel, I'm excited to spend a week with my friend and not have to worry about changing diapers and nap times. Since I last wrote, I've been to Nashville for my friend Whitney's bridal shower, spent time with my family at Weiss Lake in Alabama, and spent time with Daniel's family here when they came for a visit. I'm heading to Nashville again this weekend for Whitney's wedding. It's been a busy summer. My guitar lessons are going well. Maybe in a few months I'll be decent enough to post a video for ya'll. Also, for any of you out there in Knoxville, this past Thursday was the first Books and Blooms program at the UT Gardens. Finn and I went and had lots of fun. Last week someone from the zoo was there and she read stories to the kids and had animals for them to see and touch. Finn loved the animals. He petted each one - the rabbit, the rooster, and the huge skink. So, you should check it out if you have nothing else to do on a Thursday morning. Finn and I will be there, and we would love to see you! Now, I've got to start reading everyone else's blogs and catching up on what you guys have been doing. Hope you've had a wonderful summer! I'm so excited for fall!